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Elevate Your Career with Flexibility and Practical Learning

Welcome to Orangemantra's Part-Time AI Learning Program—a flexible and convenient educational journey specialized for working professionals.

  • Attend our weekend classes to balance work and education commitments
  • Learn as per your schedule and your pace.
  • Interactive Offline sessions with industry-leading AI experts

Program Highlights

Prepare for the Future

Flexible Schedule

Attend our weekend batches

If your weekdays are busy, consider attending our weekend classes to balance work and education commitments.

Prepare for the Future


Complete the Comprehensive AI Program in 6 Months

Efficient 6-month program designed for working professionals like you. Gain comprehensive AI skills required for a flourishing career.

Prepare for the Future

Internship Opportunity

Unlock Full-Time Internship Opportunities at Orangemantra

Explore a full-time internship at Orangemantra. Get experiential learning by applying your AI knowledge in a professional setting.

Prepare for the Future

Industry-Aligned Curriculum

Learn AI Skills Directly Applicable to Industry Needs

Be well-prepared for the competitive cooperate battlefield with a curriculum infused with latest technological trends.

Prepare for the Future

Hands-On Learning

In-Person Classes for an Immersive and Practical Learning Experience

In-person classes for real-time interaction. Clear doubts as they arise. Achieve clarity and understanding like no other.

Who should enroll in this program?

Career Advancement
Educational Background

Hold a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, preferably in technology or a related discipline.

Global Opportunities
Professional Experience

Individuals with relevant work experience in a tech-related field are highly encouraged to apply.

Earning Potential
Entry Tests

Successfully pass our entry tests, showcasing your aptitude for the program.

Why Choose Our Part-Time Program

Prepare for the Future

Convenient Schedule

Flexibility for Professionals to Balance Work and Learning

We have designed this schedule for professionals like you, balancing work and learning for unhindered career growth without compromising your work commitments.

Enhance Problem-Solving

Orangemantra Credibility

Leverage the Industry Credibility of Orangemantra for Career Advancement

Benefit from the strong industry credibility associated with Orangemantra. Gain access to a network of professionals and opportunities and enhance your career prospects.

Shape Innovations

Future-Ready Skills

Acquire Skills Aligned with Industry Demands in the Dynamic AI Landscape

Equip yourself with future-ready skills that align with the ever-evolving demands of the AI industry. Our program ensures that you are not just keeping pace with advancements but leading the way with relevant and practical skills.

Shape Innovations

Hands-On Approach

Engage in Practical Learning During In-Person Sessions

Experience the transformative power of hands-on learning with in-person sessions to actively engage you in AI concepts, reinforcing theoretical knowledge with practical application.

How it works

  • Apply: Complete the application form.

  • Consult: Schedule a discussion to explore program details and address your queries.

  • Test: Assess your eligibility through a streamlined evaluation.

  • Enroll: Join our engaging 6-month Part-Time AI Program designed for working professionals.

  • Learn: Immerse yourself in the comprehensive AI curriculum over the initial 6 months.

  • Optional Internship: Select, based on your preference, whether to participate in a 3-month guaranteed internship at OrangeMantra for practical experience.

Why Flexibility Matters

We understand that your professional responsibilities may vary but this doesn’t mean it should cost your valuable career growth. The flexibility of our part-time program is designed specifically for you.

By choosing our program, you can:

Career Advancement
Balance Work and Learning

Seamlessly integrate your learning into your existing work commitments without compromising on either.

Global Opportunities
Adapt to Your Schedule

Tailor your learning experience to fit your unique schedule, making education a feasible and rewarding endeavor.

Earning Potential
Foster Work-Life-Education

Achieve harmony between your career goals, personal life, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Career Benefits of Our Part-Time AI Learning

Prepare for the Future

Credibility Boost

Leverage the credibility of Orangemantra in the industry, enhancing your professional image and standing out to potential employers.

Prepare for the Future

Future-Ready Adaptability

Stay ahead in the dynamic AI landscape by cultivating future-ready skills and position yourself as an adaptable professional ready for the evolving industry demands.

Prepare for the Future

Immediate Application

Acquire practical AI skills and apply them directly to real-world projects, bridg the gap between theory and practice.

Prepare for the Future

Network Building

Connect with industry professionals, instructors, and peers during in-person classes, opening doors to valuable networking opportunities for career advancement.

Dive into the future of technology with our AI Part-Time Program. Join weekend classes and unlock new career possibilities!

Program structure

Our AI learning program is all about providing flexible learning opportunities for working professionals. We offer practical and straightforward learning where you can choose the time and pace.

  • AI program for professionals with flexible learning opportunities.
  • Weekend sessions available for those with weekday commitments.
  • 6-month program with practical and straightforward learning.


Ramesh Sharma

Software Engineer

"The part-time AI program at OrangeMantra has really been a pathbreaker. The flexible evening and weekend batches fit seamlessly into my work schedule. The hands-on approach and real-world applications added to my understanding of AI. The program is the need of this time."


Priya Patel

Python Developer

"OrangeMantra's part-time AI program is a perfect fit for professionals like me. The evening and weekend classes provided me flexibility and the practical approach enhanced my strategic thinking in marketing. Highly recommended for busy professionals seeking career growth."


Arjun Mehta

Business Analyst

"As a business analyst, staying updated is crucial. OrangeMantra's part-time AI program with weekend batches allowed me to balance work and learning effectively. The well-structured curriculum and the potential internship opportunity make it an excellent choice for professionals like me.”