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Our Program

Shaping AI Proficiency for Developers and Enterprises

Welcome to our AI Program—a comprehensive learning experience for tech-savvy developers and forward-thinking enterprises. Dive into a transformative journey blending theory with practical applications, equipping you with essential skills in the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence. Explore our hands-on AI training course for a valuable AI ML certification. Join us on our AI course in Gurgaon for cutting-edge knowledge in the ever-evolving field of AI.


Key Highlights

Full-Time Program

Eligibility criteria

Designed for tech-savvy individuals, our AI learning journey welcomes enthusiasts from any background—be it computer science or any other discipline. All that's required is enthusiasm and basic knowledge of Python to thrive.

In-depth curriculum

Master the essentials of AI, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques such as deep learning, machine learning, and neural networks.

Hands-On Projects

Engage in real-world projects like AI video analytics, augmented reality applications, and predictive analysis to apply your acquired skills.

Part-Time Program

Skill Enhancement

Empower your workforce with cutting-edge AI skills, enhancing their capabilities to drive innovation within the organization.

Customized Learning

Tailor the program to address specific industry needs, ensuring relevance and immediate applicability in the corporate environment.

Post-Program Integration

Facilitate the seamless integration of learned AI skills into daily business operations, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency.

AI Certification Program Curriculum Overview

Certification Program in Artificial Intelligence

Dive into the forefront of AI with our hands-on program, where you'll master essential topics such as neural networks, image analysis, and generative AI. Our focused curriculum empowers you with the expertise needed to tackle real-world challenges, creating innovative solutions and positioning yourself as a leader in artificial intelligence.

  • IconsDeep Learning and Neural Networks
  • IconsNeural Network Concepts
  • IconsIntroduction to Keras
  • IconsData Preprocessing – Numeric and Categorical Data
  • IconsData Preprocessing – Image and Text Data
  • IconsLive Project – Image Classification Network
  • IconsNeural Network Optimization
  • IconsVision Synthesis: CNNs and GANs
  • IconsLive Project – Generating AI faces using Keras

Program Structure

Our 6-month program seamlessly integrates offline learning with hands-on projects, setting the stage for a thriving AI and ML career. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive artificial intelligence course, engage in real-world projects, and receive instructor support for daily problem-solving in our offline weekday batches. Additionally, our program includes a 3-month guaranteed internship, providing practical industry exposure to complement your learning journey.

Hands on AI Projects

Work on real AI projects and build a strong portfolio

  • IconsAI Video Analytics System
  • IconsAugmented Reality (AR) Implementation
  • IconsPredictive Insights Analytics
  • IconsGenerative AI algorithms
  • IconsMachine Learning based data analytics
  • IconsGesture Recognition for Human-Computer Interaction


With 25 years of tech expertise, we are your go-to learning partner. As a tech solutions powerhouse dedicated to innovation, we guide you to industry-trusted skills for a future-ready career.

Upon successful completion of our AI program, you will receive an Experience Certificate. This certificate doesn't just acknowledge your participation; it signifies your journey through a program crafted by industry experts, positioning you as a skilled professional ready to tackle real-world AI challenges.


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Whether you're a budding developer seeking to amplify your skills or an enterprise aiming to infuse AI capabilities into your operations, our AI Program is designed to meet your needs. Elevate your AI proficiency with us and be at the forefront of technological innovation. Join our community of learners and innovators today!