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Transforming Futures Through Our AI Training Course

Welcome to our Digital Transformation company with over 20+ years of expertise. Enroll in our 6-month Artificial Intelligence course for unparalleled skill growth. We're reshaping AI's future together.
  • 100% Guaranteed internship
  • Specialized AI Experts
  • Hands-On Projects for Real-World Proficiency
  • Networking opportunities
  • Lifetime Access to Learning Resources
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    Explore Our AI Training Program Benefits

    Elevate your future with our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence training and exclusive AI course in Gurgaon. Enroll now to gain transformative insights, earn a valuable certification, and embark on a journey to success.

    Select Your Learning Path

    Full Time Program

    • Tailored Learning for Students & Professionals, Fostering Growth in a Collaborative Community.
    • Cultivate practical expertise with hands-on learning and advanced tools.
    • Stay ahead in the field with flexible learning options, personalized for tech-savvy professionals, and aligned with the latest AI trends.
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    Part Time Program

    • If your weekdays are busy, consider attending our weekend classes to balance work and education commitments.
    • Complete the comprehensive AI program in just six months, tailored for working professionals seeking essential AI skills.
    • Explore full-time internships at Orangemantra, gaining hands-on experience in a professional AI setting.
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    Who Should Enroll in Our Artificial Intelligence course?

    Exclusively designed for tech-savvy individuals passionate about artificial intelligence.

    Open to all techies, welcoming those from computer science or any other discipline.

    Enthusiasm and basic knowledge of Python are sufficient to thrive in our AI learning journey.

    How does our AI Training course benefit your career?

    Hands-On Skill

    Master practical AI skills with real-world projects during the initial 3-month offline program, designed for immediate application in industry scenarios.

    100% Guaranteed Internship Placement

    Secure a 100% guaranteed internship in the latter 3 months. Gain hands-on experience bridging theory and real-world application for career advancement.

    Expert-Led Offline

    Immerse yourself in focused, offline classes led by industry experts for personalized mentorship and accelerated learning in AI.

    Advantages of AI and ML courses

    Discover programs Perfectly Aligned to Your Learning Style:

    Makes You Future Ready

    Fosters problem-solving skills

    Enhances Imagination Power

    Boosts efficiency, productivity

    Improves Academic Performance

    Improves decision-making

    Boost Your Career Opportunities

    Boost Your Career Opportunities

    Hands on AI Projects

    Jump into an exciting learning adventure with us, where theoretical knowledge seamlessly blends with practical application. Our focus on hands-on experience sets us apart, allowing you to work on live projects during the program. This unique approach ensures that you not only grasp theoretical concepts but also gain valuable practical skills. Dive into engaging projects like:

    • AI Video Analytics System
    • Augmented Reality (AR) Implementation
    • Predictive Insights Analytics
    • Generative AI algorithms
    • Machine Learning based data analytics
    • Gesture Recognition for Human-Computer Interaction

    Transform Your Future with AI Skills! Join Now for a Thriving Tech Career!

    Potential for Full-Time Employment

    Your Path Beyond the Internship

    Experience a guaranteed internship with us, but here's the real deal – it's not just an internship; it's your chance to showcase your skills for full-time employment. During these three months, we'll closely observe your potential, offering a pathway to a promising career. This isn't just a learning journey; it's a gateway to exciting opportunities in the tech industry.

    Certification Program in Artificial Intelligence

    Technologies covered in our Artificial Intelligence course









    Why Opt for our AI Learning Journey?

    We are a leading Digital Transformation company with 25 years of industry history tailors learning for developers. Our 6-month program includes 3 months of intensive AI education, a guaranteed 3-month internship for hands-on experience, and live projects for real-world application of AI expertise.

    • Intern with our professionals for real-world insights.

    • Immerse in hands-on projects to enhance AI proficiency.

    • Stay current with an industry-aligned curriculum.

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    100% Guaranteed Internship

    Get a 3-month guaranteed internship in our 6-month program.

    Ready to Dive into AI Excellence? Enroll Now and Boost Your Future in Tech!

    How Our Program Works

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    Guaranteed Internship for 3 Months

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    Dive into AI curriculum for 3 Months

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    Join Our 6-months AI Program

    Aditya Johar

    B.Sc with Master's in Information Management and a Google Certified Architect

    A vastly experienced technology expert, with over 10 years of experience in multiple facets of artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things and anything related to technology. Aditya has worked with global enterprises on major development, including but not limited to - autonomous systems, data pipelines, smart offices and factories, edge computing and cybersecurity. He imparts key knowledge that have real use cases and has a focus on practical applications of technology.

    Some Of Our Clients



    Tech Professional

    "This AI program is a game-changer. The hands-on approach and practical insights enriched my skills."



    Data Scientist

    "This AI program was a revelation, enhancing my understanding of ever-evolving AI concepts."



    IT Consultant

    "Exceeded expectations! This AI program adds immense value to my skill set as an IT professional."


    Frequently Asked Question

    The course is designed for individuals with a tech background.

    Classes are only conducted offline and in person.