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Who We Are?

World’s leading AI skills provider to developers for future-ready opportunities.

Orangemantra, a leading Digital Transformation (DT) company with 25 years of industry expertise, stands as a beacon of technological innovation. Trusted by brands like Ikea, Hero, Nestle, and more, we are committed to excellence.

Introducing our AI program, we proactively incorporate artificial intelligence into our DT solutions. Focused on theoretical knowledge and practical skills, our AI program nurtures the next generation of tech enthusiasts. Join us on this transformative journey shaping the future of technology.

How we thought about starting this journey

Orangemantra's AI program is driven by our commitment to the forefront of technological advancements. As a 25-year-old Digital Transformation (DT) company, we recognize AI's pivotal role, addressing the rising demand for skilled professionals.

Aligned with our mission to foster innovation in technology education, this program empowers individuals in a hands-on, industry-centric environment, shaping the future of AI and boosting our capabilities. Join us on this dynamic journey of leadership in technology.

Why Launch an AI Program Now?

Orangemantra's AI program is a strategic move, showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence in technology. As a Digital Transformation (DT) company, we harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence to meet the growing demand for AI professionals.

Our program bridges the gap between theory and practice, empowering a new generation of AI enthusiasts in line with our mission to foster innovation in technology education. Join us in shaping the digital future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower tech enthusiasts and enterprises alike by providing cutting-edge solutions that foster innovation, efficiency, and excellence. We aim to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. For enterprises, we strive to be the catalyst for digital transformation, offering solutions that drive growth, enhance operations, and position them at the forefront of technological advancement.

Through our commitment to excellence, we aspire to be the go-to partner for all tech-driven aspirations and business transformations.

Our Core Values